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The MOBOT Gift Guide: For Everyone on Your List

The MOBOT Gift Guide: For Everyone on Your List

We like to think feeling good is on everyone's wish list. Set your loved ones up with the healthy gift that keeps on giving (to their body and the planet!).

Not sure which MOBOT is the perfect fit? Read on for our suggestions!

Gifts For the Outdoor Enthusiast

MOBOT 2019 Gift Guide for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Outdoor adventures require a water bottle that can keep up. Our pick for the mountain climbing, backpacking, kayaking recipient? The Big Bertha + Stainless Steel Lid combo. 

Big Bertha's high volume capacity (40 ounces!) is ideal for staying hydrated while seeking the best views, while our durable Stainless Steel Lid can conveniently clip to gear with a carabiner. Easy to clean and bearing our signature high-density foam, this duo enables them to take on the world – and then take on any muscle pain after that challenge. 

Gifts For The Fashionable Friend

MOBOT 2019 Gift Guide for the Fashionable Friend

We're not saying you have to match your water bottle to your outfit – we just make sure you have the option. For trendsetters who need the latest and greatest, Grace is a perfect match. 

Grace's 27oz size (a 'medium' in the MOBOT range) keeps the fashionista hydrated while on the go while fitting nicely into a handbag. With over 11 colors to choose from, you're sure to find a MOBOT to fit any style. 

Gifts For the Cool Kid

MOBOT 2019 Gift Guide for the Active Kid

For the kid who is always ready for the court, the playground, or anywhere they can throw around some of that energy, MOBOT adds a little spark to every new adventure. 

Firecracker is the smallest MOBOT available, and the easiest for kids to use. Don't be fooled by Firecracker's petite size, though – it has the same industrial strength and durable materials as other MOBOTs (including a weight capacity of 350 lbs!). 

Our incredibly savvy focus group (picky 4th graders and their friends) tell us the camo prints are especially cool. 

Gifts for the Workaholic

MOBOT 2019 Gift Guide for the Workaholic

Whether at a desk, on a plane, or in the conference room, this recipient appreciates a 2-in-1 like no other. Combining two healthy habits into a single product saves space and time – and reminds them to take a breather. A MOBOT can even be used at a desk, on a plane or on the couch, offering posture correction and back tension relief when placed behind their back or neck.

We know they're busy, so versatile Grace is the perfect fit. Not too big for commutes, not so small that running out for refills steals focus. Bonus points if you choose a MOBOT based on their company colors. 

Wishing you all the best,
The MOBOT Team

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