No, please do not put your MOBOT bottle in the freezer or microwave. It's not designed for extreme temperature variations.

If you need to warm up your MOBOT, you can fill it with hot water. However, please exercise caution as MOBOTs are single-walled, meaning you can feel the temperature of the contents. Avoid using boiling water to prevent burns. For cold beverages, you can use ice, but again, avoid extreme temperature changes.

It's recommended to wash your MOBOT bottle and lid frequently, especially if you use it regularly. The wide mouth of the bottle makes cleaning easy, ensuring your MOBOT stays fresh and hygienic.

To clean your MOBOT bottle, we recommend hand-washing it and the lid with hot, soapy water. Rinse both the bottle and the cap thoroughly. You can occasionally wash the lid in the dishwasher, but please avoid putting the entire bottle in the dishwasher. We also suggest using an eco-friendly cleaning solution made of diluted vinegar or water with a bit of baking soda.

Yes, MOBOTs are firm rollers designed for deep tissue massage. If you're new to foam rolling, we suggest starting with thicker clothing or using a soft carpet to lessen the intensity of the massage. Over time, your muscles will adapt, and you'll become more comfortable with foam rolling. Remember to take it slow, breathe deeply, and make foam rolling a routine part of your daily self-care.