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Feel-Good Travel for the Holidays

Feel-Good Travel for the Holidays

Healthier Holiday Travel 

Typical foam rollers are not travel-friendly, but MOBOT is! The dual purpose as a reusable water bottle and travel-sized foam roller saves space in your bag and makes MOBOT a perfect choice for a road trip or flight companion. 

Stay Hydrated

Dry cabin air can cause dehydration. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your flight to prevent chapped lips, dry skin, headache, digestive issues, and fatigue. 


Choose to Reuse

In a single year, airlines toss 9,000 tons of plastic*. Bring your MOBOT to refill + reuse during your travels. Try the Find Tap app to locate water refill stations!

Feel-Good Travel

Get moving! Sitting for long periods of time (like during a long trip) can affect your circulation. We recommend walking around when possible and taking time for mini-stretches, seated or standing. Foam rolling has been shown to boost your circulation – even more so when you're hydrated! Keep sipping. 

MOBOT Moves for an Airplane Seat

  • Put your MOBOT behind your neck like a pillow and gently move your head for a neck massage!
  • Wedge your MOBOT between your hip and the seat arm to release tension in your hips
  • Place your MOBOT behind your back (while seated) and gently rock side to side to target tension around your shoulders and upper back
  • Place MOBOT under your hamstring, resting your leg on top with slow extensions or rocking motions, to relief fatigued legs on long flights. 
  • Use your hands to roll MOBOT over the top of your thighs for a quad massage! 


With these circulation-boosting, tension-easing moves, your trip is sure to be healthier (and hopefully more comfortable). 
Happy Holidays from the MOBOT team! Travel well, arrive ready. 





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