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Here you can find our core brand assets - logo, pantone colors and imagery - along with some guidelines for your ease of use.

By using MOBOT brand assets you agree to follow or guidelines. For further information about use of the MOBOT brand assets, please contact


- To stage the logo properly, maintain a minimum clearance, the logos should nbever have anything interfering with the red or blue zones.

- When the logo is horizontal, the symbol and logotype are seperated by the length of the symbol, as show in blue.

- Logos can be used as black and white, and with a black, white, or trasparent background.

- Logos should never change opacity, ratio, or colors other than as stated herein or in previous pages.




MOBOT is lightweight and easy to use, providing stress relief at your fingertips. Think of it like having your own personal masseuse, no appointment necessary, plus all the benefits of foam rolling are multiplied when you’re hydrated.

The company was founded by Lani Cooper, an entrepreneur, environmentalist and sports therapist, to effortlessly give your body the tune-ups it needs throughout the day and save our planet from plastic! MOBOT, a revolutionary fitness product, was the first to patent the combined foam roller and a reusable, environmentally sustainable water bottle.

All of our eco-friendly foam rolling water bottles address trigger point recovery methods, hydration, sustainability, and ignite the community to FEEL GOOD and DO GOOD together.

Our sustainability focused lifestyle brand sets you up with an all-in-one product that delivers deep tissue trigger point recovery and hydration, intelligently allowing you to restore mind and body anywhere, anytime.

MOBOT is female-founded and lead and has always promised to do things differently - from our core philosophy of sustainability and helping people feeling good to our holistic approach of healing and creating a movement around daily recovery and wellness.