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2022: The Healthiest You | The worlds most convenient foam roller water bottle

Voted Best Reusable Water Bottle & Foam Roller

Kill Two Fitness Birds With One MOBOT. Stretching and hydration are two key pillars of recovery. MOBOT is revolutionizing the way the world feels by allowing you to effortlessly give your body the tune-ups it needs throughout the day, sustainably.

The MOBOT is a high density eco-friendly foam rolling water bottle that addresses trigger point recovery methods, hydration, and fuels our community to FEEL GOOD and DO GOOD together.

MOBOT Pink Big Bertha

Big Bertha

You can roll on your Big Bertha full or empty, and it's been tested to hold up to 350 lb! Your muscles will respond best (& thank you!), when properly hydrated. Plus drink two bottles per day and you've met your daily hydration needs.


The Grace gives you the ability to roll your entire body with ease and target specific muscles. The smaller diameter is perfect to carry with you as it fits most backpack sleeves and gym equipment. Drink 3-4 bottles per day and you've met your daily hydration needs.

MOBOT Grace Marine
MOBOT Firecracker Black


Good (& powerful!) things come in small packages. Firecracker, the smallest of the range is great for targeted muscle release. The perfect handbag size, and also easy for kids to use (yet still able to hold a person up to 350lb). Drink 5-6 per day and you've met your daily hydration needs.

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Pain: Hydration plays an important role in the body’s ability to function and heal.

The human body is comprised of around 60% water. So, it’s no wonder that staying hydrated will dramatically help all bodily functions!
Let’s say you’re out on a run in the hot July afternoon heat. Or you’re out gardening or weeding in August. You know that you need to drink before, during, and after the activity to stay hydrated.

Sneakier, though, is cold-weather dehydration. 

designed to feel good.™

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