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MOBOT Authenticity

The original, and eco-friendly foam roller water bottle is available all over the world! Find a list of our Official Stockists here.


MOBOT is the original foam roller water bottle, developed in 2013 and patent protected. An authentic MOBOT product offers you superior self-massage and hydration on-the-go with our patented concept and original design.

To minimize our impact we combine unique designs and sustainable materials with industrial strength; to bring you innovative products that meet the highest standards for longevity, durability and quality.

MOBOT products are sold all over the world, both online and at various retailers, spas, hotels, fitness studios and boutiques. 



    Creating a high-performance foam roller and water bottle involves a complicated process. Our team has invested a significant amount of time, energy, and resources into research and development to ensure MOBOT is good for you and good for the planet.

    We created a product that will last using 100% recycled stainless steel, FDA-approved and BPA free components, and high-density, non-toxic EVA foam ensures it won't deform under pressure. Our premium materials sourcing and regular visits to our International Organization for Standardization (ISO) factories ensure end-to-end quality.

    Other bottles may make similar claims, but when you buy an authentic MOBOT, you know your foam roller water bottle has surpassed strict standards to be of the highest quality for a healthier you, and a healthier planet. Designed to help you feel good, look good, and do good.



    MOBOT is committed to enforcing our intellectual property rights, including our registration of patents around the world, the distinctive MOBOT design, and other trademarks. 

    We take steps to vigorously protect the brand and intellectual property to make sure the MOBOT products you purchase and use are authentic. There are many features that customers can identify to authenticate a MOBOT product, including but not limited to, our MOBOT trademarks (including a stamp at the bottle base), partnerships with reputable and authorized retailers, and our unique sustainable packaging.

    Our public facing registered patent information is below – utility and design patents:

    Utility Patent:

    Design Patent:

    MOBOT prohibits its authorized retailers, resellers, international distributors and other partners from selling on online marketplaces such as,,, without express permission, as well as in brick-and-mortar discount retailers such as Costco, Sam's Club, Walmart, and the like. MOBOT expressly disclaims any warranty or fitness of merchantability claim to consumers who purchase allegedly-authentic MOBOT products from an unauthorized retailer or store. 

    If you find an imitation MOBOT product or would like to communicate with us regarding the authenticity of your bottle, please email us at with a description of the issue and any accompanying information, including photographs. 

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