The MOBOT Story (so far): A mission to change the world with a water bottle

The MOBOT Story (so far): A mission to change the world with a water bottle

Meet Lani Cooper, the creator of MOBOT. The water bottle that’s changing the world by combing mind + body + planet practices into one handy tool.
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Designed To Feel Good

We are MOBOT Nation, and we created a sustainable water bottle that’s changing how the world feels. This is more than just hydration, this is a tool for body mindfulness that gives back : mind + body + planet.

Meet Lani Cooper, Founder of MOBOT
What led you to create the MOBOT?

I wanted to feel good, and I just didn’t. As a very curious person I set out to discover what that would take and it turned into an adventure filled with many detours, speed humps and wrong turns… but here I am, and I feel good! I am passionate about helping people and the planet. I believe feeling good is a fundamental right.

I’m now at a place where I feel good, often, and don’t confuse it with the idea of perfect health and beauty. I’ve found ‘feeling good’ means finding ways to be at peace with who I am and recognizing when I’m out of balance. I listen to my body, rather than running from it, literally!

I wish everyone could really grasp this statement – self-care is not an indulgence, it is essential! My passion is to share the learnings from my recovery journey to help people be proactive about body mindfulness, rather than waiting for a recovery ‘ah-ha’ moment. The sooner we learn to be in touch with ourselves and our body's needs; so when we do get out of balance (which will happen), the sooner we can bring ourselves back to a state of peace. It really is about how you recover. Life feels like a bunch of moments you recover from sometimes! This is simply an extra tool to help those moments. It has worked miracles for me and my clients.

From my background as a sports therapist, yoga teacher, raw-vegan chef, flight attendant, comedian, and entrepreneur - I've seen a lot! There was a common thread between my athlete’s recovery programs and what every person needs: more hydration and massage. These are two of the most necessary practices for our overall wellbeing, and they are often the most neglected (by everyBODY). So voila! MOBOT was born, and I knew everyBODY and the planet could benefit.

How will MOBOT help people?

My innovation to combine a 100% recycled stainless-steel water bottle with an eco-friendly foam roller was to (re)meet basic human needs: hydration and connection. Feeling connected to your body, knowing what it needs to feel good, and being able to help yourself, is the ultimate independence and self care in my opinion. I was motivated to help people to drink more water, stay healthy and in shape, and reduce plastic pollution. I created the MOBOT to be tangible motivation; impressive in both form and function.

I wanted to inspire people to approach life and their bodies with curiosity, because that is when things can start to shift. To feel more at home in their body, in their mind and to recover better and enjoy a healthier, more active life.