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The Ruben Rojas x MOBOT Collaboration

The Ruben Rojas x MOBOT Collaboration

Live Through Love

The  Ruben Rojas X MOBOT Collaboration pairs Ruben’s bold signature love pattern with the foam roller water bottle you know and love.

Artist, Ruben Rojas, uses street art to inspire others to see through the ‘lens of love’. His murals can be spotted in over twenty locations across Los Angeles and make an appearance in Paris, New York, Florida, and Mississippi. The distinct and colorful affirmations encourage community, inclusivity, and unity, an ethos both MOBOT and Rojas champion.


Lani Cooper, MOBOT Founder & CEO said about the collaboration; "Self-love and self-care work together, just like Rubens's message and MOBOT's ethos of recovery and taking care of your body, and mind. Ruben's message of 'live through love’ reminds me of something I live are love and you are loved. It just made sense."


The MOBOT Love 27oz Grace gives you the ability to roll your entire body with ease and target specific muscles. The smaller diameter is perfect to carry with you as it fits most backpack sleeves, and drink 3-4 bottles per day and you've met your daily hydration needs. Plus stick on some love, anywhere! Each Love 27oz Grace - Foam Roller Water Bottle comes with a set of eco-stickers.


"I love that my MOBOT guilts me into remembering to mobilize,” Ruben Rojas said. “It kicks me into gear. I knew that Lani and I could create something that inspires people to practice self-care and live through love.”

Elevated by inspiration, The MOBOT Love 27oz Grace is perfect for street art lovers, collectors, and anyone looking for a positive and healthy start in 2021. Shop the limited edition MOBOT Love 27oz Grace now.


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