Become An Investor In MOBOT Nation

Become An Investor In MOBOT Nation

Don't wait to invest! MOBOT shares are rolling away!
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We're proud to report that we have exceeded our minimum funding goal but the journey has only just begun. Many of you are quite familiar with MOBOT and what we're looking to achieve, but our StartEngine campaign page provides a more detailed rundown of our mission and equity fundraising plans going forward. 

Thank you to our amazing customers and new investors for your continued support. If you haven't invested in MOBOT Nation yet, don't wait - MOBOT shares are rolling away. And as a reminder you can invest as little as $250, and all investments come with perks!

We also wanted to emphasize that while we’re raising capital to fund our immediate efforts, our ultimate goal is to build a long-term relationship with our investors. Our hope is to foster a community of investors that will influence others, act us our brand advocates and become Roll Models. In fact, we’re confident that we’ll all be in this together for a long long time.

What is equity crowdfunding you ask?
- Equity crowdfunding gives companies of all types an opportunity to raise capital from the public.
- It allows investors to hold partial ownership in the company and have the opportunity to profit if the company does well.
- It presents both entrepreneurs and investors with unprecedented opportunities.

Our campaign page on StartEngine provides the details of our plans for future business growth, but we also wanted to see if you had any questions, concerns, or feedback. As a potential investor, your input is incredibly valuable to us. Get in touch with us at