How MOBOT Can Help You

How MOBOT Can Help You

The feel good factor. Your body needs MOBOT - here’s how it helps you.
MOBOT was created to improve minds, bodies, and the planet. Read on for eight reasons our customers love theirs!

1. MOBOT is designed to help you drink more water

It’s super easy to drink out of thanks to the silent sip straw! No more tipping your head back and more sneaky sips during yoga!

2. You have your foam roller handy at all times

If you scoffed at this…

Because you already have a foam roller - can we ask, do you have your foam roller on you right now? And how often do you get to foam roll in your busy schedule?


Because you don’t know why you need to foam roll, well then check out #3

3. Your BODY needs it

Foam rolling / self-myofascial release / self-massage = even if you’re not exercising like an athlete, your body is constantly on the move and needs support. MOBOT is designed to support everyBODY. Find out more about how it helps you from Lani Cooper, creator of MOBOT (link to blog #1)

4. The hydration + foam rolling combo can help you recover faster

Think of it as ‘active recovery’ - Foam rolling can help improve your circulation, help decrease delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), can temporarily increase range of motion and perceived level of pain. It’s an excellent tool, that is only as good as how often you use it.

5. Using your MOBOT helps you switch off - active meditation

Using tools to help us switch off is healthy, being proactive about our body, learning more about what works for us. If you learn to be in touch with yourself now, when you’re out of balance (which does happen), it’s easier to bring yourself back to a state of peace if you have the tools on hand

6. MOBOT travels with you

So convenient! Now you have no excuses

7. Using MOBOT will help the planet

Duh - reusable bottles are the best! We're passionate about sustainability and carefully source our materials to be the most eco-friendly options available. You help reduce single use plastic with every refill. Feeling good + doing good for the planet.