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Rolling and Trigger Point Release for Runners

Rolling and Trigger Point Release for Runners


MOBOT is designed to keep you healthy and hydrated through every stage of your training. With industrial-strength designs (tested up to 350 lbs!) and athlete approved high-density foam, our goal is to support your goals. Consider it your 2-in-1 training tool! 


Move Better

    • Preventing Running Injuries

    Foam rolling can improve mobility and decrease muscle tension, both of which can enhance your running form and prevent overuse or imbalance injuries. For runners, that's a great reason to start a daily practice. 






    When foam rolling, make sure you hit the smaller stability muscles along with the running "hero" muscles (quads, hamstrings, and calves). We love the Firecracker size for tiny, hard-to-reach points of tension, while Big Bertha is an athlete favorite for rolling out the entire body. Need a sweet spot for your first MOBOT? Try Grace, our 27oz bottle. 


    • Pre-Run Warm Up 

    Foam rolling before a workout boosts your circulation and sets you up for a fluid, injury-free run. Moving slowly and mindfully is the key to a successful pre-run massage roller routine – nearly everyone starts off rolling too quickly!

    When you reach a point that is tender – pause. Holding, combined with some slight movements side to side and breathing through it, can help release the knot. See below for some of the muscle groups that are essential to roll out pre-run:


    foam rolling for runners calves

    foam rolling for runners quads

    foam rolling for runner hips

    foam rolling for runner back


    Bonus move: Use the smallest MOBOT, the Firecracker, to work over your feet and ankles. 

    You can roll on your MOBOT water bottle full or empty, and it can hold up to 350 lb! Your muscles will respond best when properly hydrated. 


    Stay Hydrated

    • Drink Up

    MOBOT offers a single-walled design to maximize water volume – which means fewer refills for even your toughest track workouts. Drink two Big Berthas, our largest size, and you've met your hydration goal for the day! As always, increase your water intake with strenuous activity. Keeping your tissues hydrated will maximize the positive effects of foam rolling.

    • Level Up Your Hydration

    Keeping your body supplied with the necessary amount of electrolytes can prevent cramping and help your body make the most of your water intake. Add a pinch of organic sea salt or your favorite electrolyte supplement to your water bottle – MOBOT's 100% recycled food-grade stainless steel can handle it.


    Recover Faster

    • Cool Down

    Flush out your muscles post-workout and prep your body for stretching by completing a short foam rolling routine. Fill your MOBOT with ice water for a cold roller experience that feels amazing after a tough run! 

    Only have time to roll before or after your run? A pre-run warm-up roll is great for circulation and injury prevention, while a post-run cool down roll is ideal for recovery focus. Choose the timing that is right for you if you can't fit in both of the recommended 5-minute segments.

    • Feel Good

    Foam rolling has been shown to improve post-workout mobility and decrease discomfort from delayed onset muscle soreness. 

    A 20-minute bout of foam rolling on a high-density roller immediately postexercise and every 24 hours thereafter may reduce muscle tenderness and decrements in multijointed dynamic movements due to DOMS. [source]


    Want more information on specific mobility tests, stretches, and other ways to use your MOBOT foam roller water bottle to improve your running? Visit our Director of Education, Dr. Ryan Hodge's blog here.

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