MOBOT Designed To Feel Good, For Every Body

MOBOT Designed To Feel Good, For Every Body

MOBOT was designed to feel good, created in three travel-friendly foam roller water bottle sizes aiding hydration, full-body rolling and targeted muscle release.

What Size Is Right For You?

MOBOT is designed to feel good. Lightweight and easy to use, MOBOT provides stress relief at your fingertips. Created in three travel-friendly foam roller water bottle sizes aiding hydration, full-body rolling and targeted muscle release, the product was engineered for all levels of recovery and foam rolling - from beginners to elite athletes. 

At MOBOT HQ, "which size?" is a common (and great!) question that we get asked daily. To determine which size is best for you, consider your daily hydration and recovery habits and goals. Ask yourself; 

"How familiar am I with foam rolling or self-myofascial release therapy? How often will I refill my MOBOT throughout the day? Do I want to carry my MOBOT with me everywhere?"

Whatever your hydration or recovery goals are, MOBOT has the perfect size to get you rolling. To help get you started, we've complied the product benefits for each of the sizes below.

MOBOT Big Bertha 40oz Foam Roller Water Bottle

  • The more water you drink, the more often you will need to refill. Big Bertha is our highest water volume at 40oz, specifically designed for athletes looking to keep a LOT of water with them.
  • For myofascial release, Big Bertha is the easiest size for most major muscle and fascia group areas. Calves, quadriceps, hips, back, lats, are all easily controlled and are less painful for beginners.
  • Big Bertha is the ideal size to be used as a substitute for a yoga block.
  • When full of water, this MOBOT weighs about 4lbs. You can use your full Big Bertha as an aid for various exercises (like a small weight for ab work!).
MOBOT Grace 27oz Foam Roller Water Bottle
  • Grace fits nicely in most gym equipment and backpack sleeves, the "sweet spot" of water volume and portability.
  • Grace has the same height as Big Bertha, but smaller width, so users experience more density and pressure when rolling. If you're already familiar with foam rolling and trigger point therapy, this can be a great thing!
  • Grace is an ideal size for smaller muscle and fascia areas, such as arms, neck, and feet, but can also be used on all major muscle groups.
  • Many people report Grace's smaller diameter makes it easier to grip and hold compared to Big Bertha.
MOBOT Firecracker 18oz Foam Roller Water Bottle
  • The smallest size of the range – super easy to travel with and use on-the-go.
  • If you're a foam rolling aficionado, you'll find Firecracker will release your muscles in a new, fun way due to the smaller size which targets the tiny muscles that larger sizes may miss.
  • When filled with water, Firecracker weighs around 1lb. This is a great weight and size for rehabilitative movements involving the upper body and gripping.
  • Firecracker provides great neck support when laying on your back and can be slipped behind your back on long flights or drives to correct posture and avoid neck strain.
  • Kids love it, and it still supports weight up to 350lb!

We hope this helps you find your perfect size! Still undecided? Treat yourself to all of them! The MOBOT Bundle contains all three sizes of the range plus for a very limited time, The Bundle comes with free gifts including a complimentary E-Coffee Cup and Stainless Steel Lid!

If you have any questions, please contact us so we can help get you rolling at