How Olympian & Roll Model Dagmara Wozniak Is Getting Ready To Roll Into Tokyo

How Olympian & Roll Model Dagmara Wozniak Is Getting Ready To Roll Into Tokyo

USA Olympics athlete Dagmara Wozniak shares her top tips and why she loves her MOBOT. Catch her at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo for Women’s Fencing!
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USA Olympics athlete Dagmara Wozniak shares her top recovery tips and why she loves her MOBOT. 

We’re excited to introduce you to one of our amazing Roll Model’s who is about to embark on her latest (and greatest), competition.

Dagmara "Daga" Wozniak is an American saber fencer, two time Olympian and 2016 Olympic bronze medalist. Daga (like Lady Gaga with a ‘D’!), is currently training for her third straight games in Tokyo 2020.

We were lucky enough to catch up with her to learn more a bit more about fencing, how she’s prepping for the big event, plus we uncovered some of her tips and tricks to recover on-the-go (hint-hint it involves MOBOT!). 

Daga is the ultimate package - positive, inspiring, and an energetic go-getter, plus an advocate for positive mind and body and passionate about helping young women navigate through the world of athletics with a healthy mindset. 

On behalf of Team MOBOT and the entire Roll Model community we applaud her and wish her the best of luck in Tokyo… bring home the Gold Daga!

Watch the interview below now and read on to catch her golden nuggets of wisdom.


Team America Olympian Dagmara Wozniak

How have you been preparing for the Tokyo Olympics? 

I’m really excited to go to Tokyo, it will be my third Olympics!

I’ve been trying to manage the pandemic just like everybody else, taking it day by day and looking after my mind and body. 

Fencing, that’s hot! But how does the sport affect your body? 

One of the places on my body that gets really tight are my lats and underarms, it’s such a sore spot for me! 

Fencing is very asymmetrical as we really use one side of the body, our fencing side, which is whichever dominant hand you are. Sometimes, you really need to get in there, and MOBOT is the best thing for that.

You don’t need to be an athlete to foam roll, you can easily incorporate it into your everyday routine at home.

On-The-Go Recovery Tips

I am absolutely obsessed with my MOBOT, and this is not a sales pitch, to me it's the most ingenious thing to put a foam roller and a water bottle together especially because I’m traveling so often. 

If you're someone who likes to travel light, MOBOT combines two things, that’s one less thing for you to travel with (or forget!), and makes life that much easier. 

If I’m in my hotel room, if I'm in a different training room across the world, I always have my MOBOT, I’m drinking, then I’m foam rolling, then I’m drinking again - boom! 

Plus, who ever wants to walk around with a full blown sized foam roller? 

Foam Rolling Aficionado Much?

MOBOT is the best thing in the world. It’s really easy, you can prop it up against the wall or on the floor, you can roll out, right there, right now, watching TV or at a friend’s house, or even doing an IGTV Live (hah!). 

There’s been so many times when I’m talking to someone and I have to say, hold on I’m feeling really tight and I need to roll out right now. It’s perfect!

I also love the fact that it’s so stiff and firm. There have been some other foam rollers that I’ve tried out but they were soft and lost their shape.

Foam Rolling Tips - where should we start?

I have found that there are some misconceptions around foam rolling. A lot of people say, ‘Oh my leg hurts, I need to foam roll my leg.’

But sometimes the part of the body that is hurting is actually working overtime because something else may be really tight in the body and the real source of the problem. 

For example, I know that when my hips are feeling really tight, I actually need to foam roll my back, and also foam roll my legs, as once they begin to relax my hips will follow. 

And you don’t need to have a sports background or a medical background to understand how the body works but it is important to know how the chains in your body are all working together. 

How does hydration play a part in your lifestyle?

Hydration is really important to me for my recovery and sleep. Regardless of which size you prefer, MOBOT is a great way to track your daily water intake.

My personal fave is the Big Bertha 40oz size in the Special Ops Camo pattern. I need to drink 3-4 bottles per day and that’s it.


MOBOT Special Ops


Once you know how many MOBOT bottles you need to drink throughout the day then you can ask yourself, ‘why do I feel crap today’? Oh that’s right, because I didn’t drink enough water!

And you feel so different [when you are hydrated], your body relaxes a little more and responds better to massage. It’s the same thing with foam rolling, you don’t have to smash your body on it, try to just sit on it and just breathe and use trigger points - it doesn’t have to be a work out when you’re foam rolling, take it slow and just hang out!

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