Mobot Firecracker 18oz Black Foam Roller Water Bottle
a woman with a hat on a pink background and black Firecracker Mobot 18oz foam roller water bottle
Firecracker MOBOT 18oz - Licorice
a woman doing thigh rolls with black firecracker 18oz Mobot foam roller water bottle
Mobot Firecracker 18oz Size Comparison

Firecracker MOBOT 18oz - Licorice

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foam color:Licorice


Deep Tissue Massage and Hydration.

Perfect for everyday use and high-performance activity. Stress relief at your fingertips!

Big Bertha is the size that started it all. It's everything you need to stretch and roll out your entire body, plus drink two bottles per day and you've met your hydration needs. 

MOBOTs are lightweight, convenient and save you time and money. Designed to go with you, so you can feel good anywhere! We combined a sustainable water bottle and eco-friendly foam roller to help your body and the planet. 

The science behind hydration and foam rolling shows these are two of the most effective ways to restore your muscles and take care of your body – so you can kill it in your next workout, or simply feel better every day. 

MOBOTs are single-walled to be lightweight and maximize water volume. Fill it with cold water for an icy roll; MOBOT & Chill!

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Yes, MOBOTs are firm rollers designed for deep tissue massage. If you're new to foam rolling, we suggest starting with thicker clothing or using a soft carpet to lessen the intensity of the massage. Over time, your muscles will adapt, and you'll become more comfortable with foam rolling. Remember to take it slow, breathe deeply, and make foam rolling a routine part of your daily self-care.

It's recommended to wash your MOBOT bottle and lid frequently, especially if you use it regularly. The wide mouth of the bottle makes cleaning easy, ensuring your MOBOT stays fresh and hygienic.

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