The Minimalist Life and Sustainability

The Minimalist Life and Sustainability

Our Roll Model Anastasia has chosen to embrace the minimalist life, so we sat down with her to hear how this lifestyle has lead to a more all-around sustainable life!



school uniforms

Was minimalism a decision you made later in life, or is it how you grew up?

Growing up I was raised in a private school environment which meant from the ages of five to 17 all I knew was a uniform and simplicity. I actually enjoyed wearing a uniform as It helped me make less choices everyday on what outfit I would want to wear! I had a few “weekend outfits” and maybe one container of eye shadow. My life was full of structure, and living simple. Years later at the age of 24, I realized I had one pair of jeans, but I was so happy with my one pair of jeans, I didn’t see the need to have different styles……… I was simply content with a very empty closet.



minimal closet

What impact does your paired down closet have on your daily life?

A messy closet can really cause you to feel mentally cluttered. Besides the tons of decisions you would have to make with more clothes, it’s also a weird way of practicing gratitude with what you do have!



minimal house

Outside of your closet, what does the rest of your home look like?

Tons of natural light and add fresh plants throughout! Especially with working from home, it’s important to have a space that feels clean and welcoming! Every wall is white, which makes the entire house feel more open and the pop of fresh green plants just ties it together. I love that my partner and I kept everything simple and it makes it easier to know where everything is at all times.



sustainable life

Do you think minimalism lends itself to sustainability?

Yes! We are careful with what we buy, and even stay plastic free as much as we can with our fresh fruit and veggies! One of my favorite things to add to a home is fresh candles. This is actually part of my morning routine! As soon as I wake up I light a bunch of candles to start my morning off fresh and not using lights right away! Also, I feel when you have a clean environment, your mind is clear. It’s a direct connection!



minimalistic mobot

Do you feel like MOBOT fits both the sustainable and minimalistic lifestyle?

Since I believe having less is more, I love that the MOBOT bottle has two functions in one beautiful bottle. I can take this bottle on my hikes with me and use it as a foam roller while also having the ability to hydrate! Especially when people are on the go or on an adventure, they don’t want more stuff to carry! Foam rollers can be huge items that are hard to store and could be annoying to carry with you on your adventures. Besides the functionality, the colors are amazing and modern!


To learn more about Anastasia and minimalist sustainable living, you can follow her @anastasiazwilling

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