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“It feels sturdier than a foam roller and I like it better!”

— Maya Ramirez

“The MOBOT has such industrial strength and beauty it makes you want to drink water and stay in shape. I look at it as tangible motivation for all of my patients.”

— Kryssa Cable DC, CACCP, MS

“Love it, looks cool, genius, practical. Love the concept of being able to roll ANYWHERE, ANYTIME… no excuses.”

— Pavlina A.

“After I work out I can hydrate and stretch exactly like I want with a foam roller and it holds the perfect amount of water. I know if I drink two a day I'm all set!”

— Chef Antonia, Executive Chef Scopa, Judge on Food Network

“Is a fantastic travel buddy, love my MOBOT.”

— Karla Drummond

“I love your product! And I absolutely loved traveling with my Mobot. It’s convenient, easy to travel with, and promotes hydration and foam rolling. It really is an athlete’s best friend!”

— Kami Craig, USA Olympic water polo athlete