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Breathe, move, hydrate and roll. These four simple things are essential for life, not just to survive but to thrive.

MOBOT is the world’s first and only foam roller water bottle,
delivering hydration and massage in one portable, eco-friendly package.
Now your mind, body and conscience can feel good, everywhere you go.

Drink water. Feel better

You need water more than any other nutrient on the planet. Getting even slightly dehydrated can cause everything from fatigue and sugar cravings, to headaches, joint pain and constipation. On the flip side, water can clear your skin, boost your energy, and ramp-up that sex-drive.

Massage — on demand

Foam rolling is a cure-all for many different aches. It helps lengthen and loosen muscles, relieving joint pain, breaking down knots and increasing range of motion. It mimics the myofascial release treatments used by sports therapists, with no appointment necessary.

First rule of rolling:
Be hydrated

Because water helps make muscle tissue resilient and pliable, all the awesome benefits of foam rolling are multiplied when you’re well hydrated. It’s that simple. And that’s how the MOBOT was born.

Take the goodness to go

The MOBOT is one toteable tool. Foam rollers — usually found in your gym, physical therapists office or relegated to the living room corner — can now go everywhere and anywhere you do in the form of a MOBOT.

Help the planet while you’re at it

All our MOBOTs are made of recycled, FDA-approved stainless steel, meaning no BPA. But this potentially cancer-causing chemical is just the beginning. Shipping plastic water bottles from far-off locales to grocery stores guzzles millions of gallons in gas and contributes to more landfill pollution. With the MOBOT you can ditch the BPA, drink local, and rehydrate in good conscience.