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For in-depth instructions on the best way to use your MOBOT check out our MOBOT blog. But if you want the short answer: sip some water, close the lid tight, lie on top of your MOBOT, and start rolling out your body parts. We recommend your legs, upper back, arms, hips, and glutes. We do NOT recommend rolling on your head, lower back, or trying to stand on your MOBOT.

Besides delivering on-demand massage, hydration, and being the coolest looking water bottle on earth, your MOBOT will help insulate your beverages, keeping them at just the right temperature. MOBOTs also make excellent travel pillows and instant posture perfectors. Place your MOBOT behind your back to engage your stabilizer muscles and improve breathing and circulation. And last, but certainly not least, you can use your MOBOT to pretend you’re Brett Favre throwing a bomb to Antonio Freeman. Just make sure he catches it.

It all depends on your threshold for pain. We wouldn't say rolling tickles, but no pain, no gain right? Pressure is necessary for the MOBOT to do its job. If you're new to rolling, just adjust your pressure and build up slowly. Nothing worth doing is ever easy in the beginning, but trust us — it will not only get better, it will get great. You will start to experience changes all over your body and before you know it, you'll be downright craving a roll (and not the kind that comes with dinner).

Our MOBOT blog has great tips for how to roll, but we believe you should roll every day for around 5-15 minutes. If you're an athlete, have injuries or other specific needs, or are just unsure, please ask your health care professional about tailoring a program specifically for you.

Yes. It might seem too good to be true, but all of our MOBOTs are adaptable to human bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Nope. Any size person can drink out of a MOBOT and you can always use your MOBOT in a chair or against the wall if you have trouble holding your own body weight.

Foam rollers are great, but can your foam roller also deliver hydration (the other crucial component to recovery) while fitting conveniently into your purse, gym bag, or man satchel?

Perhaps, and if you do, rock them with pride; these are lines of love. Once your body adapts to your daily roll you will see them less and less. But if you've got a fancy movie premiere to attend you can roll in long sleeves and pants. And of course, being properly hydrated helps too.

Like most other sports water bottles, a MOBOT has a wide mouth to make cleaning super easy. We recommend a small bottle brush and a good old-fashioned solution of diluted vinegar or water with a bit of baking soda.

Of course. Although water is our fave and we recommend you always use your MOBOT for hydrating first, thanks to the high quality, food-grade stainless steel, you can put juices, shakes, or even booze (heyo!) in your MOBOT. Just make sure you clean it thoroughly afterwards and do NOT roll under the influence.

Please don't put your MOBOT in the freezer. Liquids expand when they freeze, which could deform or break your MOBOT. Freezing damage is not covered by the one-year warranty. If you like your drink cold, add ice.

Dear God, no! Never put anything metal in the microwave.

No. When you need to clean, we recommend scrubbing out the inside with a bottle brush and patting down the outside with a wet towel. You can soak your lids if extra TLC is needed.

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You can check out the MOBOT blog for everything you need to know about hydration and tips like how to make your own sports drink. But generally we recommend you sip your MOBOT throughout the day, about every 20 minutes or so. Make sure to increase your sipping if you're exercising, hanging out in the heat, or doing other dehydrating things like attending your town's annual beer fest.

No. One of the standout qualities of a MOBOT is that our foam is heat-pressed directly onto the steel, guaranteeing better performance and insulation.

A 40oz | 1.2 L MOBOT weighs just under 2lbs when full. A 18oz | 0.5 L MOBOT weighs just under 1lbs when full— but if you're staying hydrated, it’s never full for too long!

We've successfully tested up to 350 lbs.

We firmly believe that everyone needs to stay hydrated and can benefit from massage; however, we recommend anyone under the age of 10 be supervised while using a MOBOT. Please use great caution if you are pregnant, recovering from an injury or medical condition, or are using medication. If you have a serious injury or poor health, please consult a physician first. We do not recommend using a MOBOT unless otherwise approved by your physician if you have an acute soft tissue or bony injury, musculature involved in significant trauma, a bone disorder (osteopenia, osteoporosis), bleeding or blood clotting disorders, any nerve disorder or symptoms, or any infection or skin disorder. Please note that this list is just a general guideline of who can and can't roll. If you have any uncertainty, please consult a physician first.

All MOBOTs have a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. This Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, or any damage or loss caused by improper use, maintenance, or storage of your MOBOT. If your MOBOT arrives less than 100% perfect and you want to file a warranty claim follow these steps:
Step 1: Find your receipt which proves the date of purchase. If the date of purchase cannot be verified, MOBOT will make an assessment based on the date of manufacture of the MOBOT (if possible), the condition of the MOBOT and the type of defect.
Step 2: Contact us at roll@mobot.com with details of your defective MOBOT.

Nope. If you see any discoloration, just give your MOBOT a good clean with a bottle brush. If you have more questions, let us know at roll@mobot.com.

MOBOTs are constructed of heavy-gauge #304 (18/8) stainless steel that has outperformed all other bottles in independent tests. BUT if you whale your MOBOT into the ground, a dent is possible. So like anything you own and care about, treat it nicely. Your one-year warranty covers manufacturer's defects only, not damage caused by use. If you do happen to dent your MOBOT, the bottle is still perfectly safe to use and will nearly always be functional unless it's one big-a$$ dent, and that we would like to see!

Our company is based in Venice, CA, and our MOBOTs are handcrafted in PRC. All our factories are ISO approved. We pride ourselves on having the highest standards in the industry when it comes to quality, materials, and happy, healthy team members — no matter where in the world, they are MOBOT family. We visit all our locations regularly to make sure these standards are not only being met, but exceeded.

If you don't find your MOBOT 110% awesome, drop us a note at roll@mobot.com.

MOBOTs are made to last a long, looooong time and endure an incredible amount of use. But if you're really rolling like a rock star your MOBOT could lose a bit of its original luster. In this case we recommend you do your body a favor and get yourself another one!