Become an Official #RollModel

The MOBOT Roll Model program offers a way to roll with our brand on a deeper level. You can promote a brand with strong values, sustainable products and educate your community on the benefits of foam rolling - it’s for everyBODY (not just athletes!).

Our Foam Roller Water Bottles are the creation of Lani Cooper, our Founder and CEO. Made from high-density EVA non-toxic foam, secured to the 100% recycled stainless steel bottle. It's perfect for Trigger Point Release and self-massage anywhere, plus reducing plastic waste!

We believe everyone has the right to feel good, and the littlest things can make the biggest difference. We want to get everyone rolling, sharing the benefits of movement + hydration.

MOBOT comes in many different colors and three different sizes (to start), that will suit everyBODY and their personal style.

What do our Roll Models do?

Our Roll Models spread the MOBOT love to everybody they meet, including friends, family, students, studios and followers on social media / online! They rock and roll their MOBOT in and out of class, from studio to street and embody a community spirit, and our Roll Models provide us with great content so that we can promote them while they promote us!

What do Roll Models receive?

If accepted, you’ll receive 2 MOBOTs (the 1st is size and color of choice, the 2nd is a top pick from the MOBOT Team), as well as being eligible for product previews and new color collections. We would also love to collaborate with eligible Roll Models on giveaways, online content (ie. our blog), challenges and be featured on our social media! We are also offering a potential commission based pay structure, personalized to you.

What do we look for?

We are looking for awesome humans who are currently building an active community (fitness, fashion, family etc) and spreading love and happiness! 

We especially love to see applications from people who are passionate about their community, being active (in any form), post regularly and have engaged followers. They also:

  • Want to make sustainable choices
  • Want to take care of themselves
  • Want to help people

You do not need to be a certified instructor, but if you are, please let us know what activity you are teaching and the studio you are currently teaching at. We love to meet teachers who are making an impact at the studio level! 

How do I apply to be a Roll Model?

Simply fill out the form below in full. All submissions will be reviewed at the end of each month and if accepted, our Marketing Manager will contact you via email with more details!