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The Four Principles


Breathe is the kingof the mind.
[B.K.S. Iyengar]

Deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress and reduce tension!

Even breathing deeply while MOBOT-ing at your desk can help to calm your mind and relieve stress almost instantly!

It's been labeled ‘Yoga in a Bottle’.  




Do what moves you!We are designed to move, and MOBOT inspires movement,as well as offering immediaterelief to muscle pain caused byour busy active lifestyle!

MOBOT is stress-relief at your fingertips, making it pretty much the perfect piece of equipment for your next workout, day out orroll out!




You need water more than any other nutrient on the planet!

Second to breathing,hydration is a primaryphysical need for survival,good performance, clarityand proper function of ourbrain and body.

Water helps clear your skin, boost your energy, reduce cravings and improve performance -on and off the field!


#doyouevenrollbro Using the MOBOT mimicstrigger point release techniques used by sports therapists.

It helps to reduce inflammation, muscle tension and also improve circulation, cellulite, and recovery.

Striving for that elusive workout-life balance? There is an art to rolling, take one of our classes and we will have you unwinding and rolling like a pro in no time!