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Meet Troy

Inspiring | Driven | Active


Born and raised on Oahu, Troy keeps an active lifestyle through spinning, surfing and finding his edge on his yoga mat. Troy found fitness to be a way to become a positive influence in this world, especially through Yoga since it transformed him in mind, body and soul and allows him to connect with others.


Your MOBOTGrace 27oz Bondi Blue


Your Favorite MOBOT move?
My calf muscles!


When did you start foam rolling?
3 years ago


  How has MOBOT helped you?
MOBOT helps me to stay hydrated throughout my workouts all while releasing any tension when used as a foam roller pre & post workouts.


Your advice to anyone new to foam rolling?

Start off slow for a few minutes to release tension when using the foam roller and breathe deep long breaths in areas holding tension.

Troy M Roll Model

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