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Meet Marie

Genuine | Vivacious | Free


Born in SoCal and raised on the East Coast, I made my way back to Cali with no job and a whole lotta faith in God that this was where I was supposed be. I am now an LA based dancer/choreographer/creative whose life has been full of ups, downs, surprises, and everything in between like I’ve never experienced before! I’m always gonna be excited for what is up ahead, but I’m also aiming to drink in every ounce of what is right in front of me. #livinglifetothefull


What moves me externally is singing, dancing, and music - gah it’s just so much fun! What moves me internally is God, and helping others know that hope is alive and freedom is theirs for the taking!


Your favorite MOBOTBig Bertha 40oz Juicybot


Your Favorite MOBOT move?
Glutes and hips


When did you start foam rolling?


  How has MOBOT helped you?
In SO many ways. MOBOT obviously helps me achieve hydration goals, and allows me to release tightness immediately which is such a blessing because so many people sit in pain and don’t know how to release it. BUT it has also helped me build relationships! It’s a total conversation starter because people have never seen something like it - it even lead to someone asking my out on a date, haha! #wemetthroughMOBOT.


Your advice to anyone new to foam rolling?
BREATHE! It’s gonna hurt and that’s okay! Be patient with your body - you didn’t make these knots in 30 seconds, you won’t be able to get them out in 30 seconds.


 Marie Roll Model

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