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Meet Josh

OCR | Driven | Competitive


I’m an obstacle course racer who competes across the country in Spartan races. I travel a lot for work auditing Casinos. My MOBOT has been to more states than most people!.


Your favorite MOBOT: Hands down the Grace in Special Ops. It’s easily attached to my work bag while traveling and easily sits in the airplane seat with me.


Your Favorite MOBOT move?
Love using my MOBOT to hit my glutes and hamstrings!


When did you start foam rolling?
I started foam rolling about 2 years ago. I had seen them in the gym, and wondered what they were, but had never used one until I saw a Facebook video.


  How has MOBOT helped you?
MOBOT has taken away my excuse not to pack my foam roller. I always travel with a water bottle, and would sometimes bring a foam roller, but now I have both in one. It makes it so convenient to have both in one!


Your advice to anyone new to foam rolling?
If it doesn’t feel good, you’re probably doing it right!


If you’re considering buying a MOBOT, just do it. It’s an investment in you!

Josh Roll Model


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