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Meet Ejay

Flexible | Expressive | Wild


I'm a citizen of the world who loves building community. Served six years in the US Army, went to school and fell in love with theatre. I believe in the poetry that occurs when I move my body in certain ways. Currently, what moves me lies within the people I work with and the vulnerability around my career.


Your favorite MOBOT: I love the Big Bertha in Red Metal


Your Favorite MOBOT move?
I actually just enjoy sitting on my Mobot every morning to set the day right.


When did you start foam rolling?
I started rolling back in 2012.


  How has MOBOT helped you?
Its convenience allows me to bring it everywhere, where I can casually use it.


Your advice to anyone new to foam rolling?
It's a lifestyle, I truly believe in the longevity of my body and if you're serious about having a healthier, happier body, then just succumb to it.


As much as I've learned about my body and foam rolling, growth never stops, go out and meet more rollers, they'll have some techniques we might never even think about unless we’re together.

Ejay Roll Model

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