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Meet Dalia

Laid back | Goofball | Trustworthy


I am a daughter, sister, friend, dog momma, school teacher, forever an athlete, and Christian. I enjoy my alone time, yet I crave and need family and friend gatherings. I love to explore and travel, learn about its history (esp. ancient civilizations), and cultures of those places. I enjoy photography and pictures. My Faith and personal relationships drive me to be a better person a better me. I love teaching my kiddos and seeing their curiosity, enthusiasm, and when they have their “lightbulb moment” My new passion has been learning and education about wellness, fitness, and nutrition.


Your favorite MOBOTMy favorite Mobot was my Grace: Special Opsthat I lost at the gym. I believe someone loved it as much as I did and took it! Grrr!


Your Favorite MOBOT move?
Rolling on my IT bands and glutes. Hurts so good!


When did you start foam rolling?
I started foam rolling when my knee issues started acting up about 6-7 years ago, but more consistently the past few years.


  How has MOBOT helped you?
I love that my Mobot is always available to be rolled on. At the gym, you have to find a foam roller, or it’s already taken. I also LOOOVE that it his those trigger points deeper than a regular foam roller.


Your advice to anyone new to foam rolling?
The advice I would give is to go roll slow and in a small area, at certain spots stop for a bit to feel it deepen into the area and hold.


My Mobot is my gym bff! Love that it is multifunctional!


Dalia Roll Model

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