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Cold Weather Dehydration

Cold Weather Dehydration

"Let’s say you’re out on a run in the hot July afternoon heat. Or you’re out gardening or weeding in August. You know that you need to drink before, during, and after the activity to stay hydrated.

Sneakier, though, is cold-weather dehydration. 

3 Factors That Can Contribute to Dehydration in the Winter

There are several frigid factors that can prompt a parched status:

1. Indoor Heat Is a Sneaky Source of Dehydration

All the heat pumped into your office or home keeps the building warm, but “indoor air is really dry,” says Antonucci. This is counter to summertime humidity, which leaves you sticky from all the moisture in the air. Spending time inside working, sleeping, and hanging out keeps you exposed to this dry heat for much of your day, and you can lose fluids and become dehydrated. (Hence why right now you’re constantly grabbing for moisturizer to slather on cracked skin, she says.)

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