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Travel Essentials: How-To Recover At The Airport

Travel Essentials: How-To Recover At The Airport

Travel Essentials: How-To Recover At The Airport

 Did you miss travel as much as we did?! As the world opens back up, and we hit the road, the sky, the sea to explore, let's be kind to our bodies and keep them hydrated while they might have to squeeze into small seated spaces again for long periods of time to get to our dream destinations. 

Upper back and neck area are common pain points for travelers, especially after sitting on a plane or car for hours on end! We got you covered, as your Mobot can go anywhere you can--Making it easy to stay feeling good and doing good (reusable and plastic free) while you set off to your next adventure. 

 After-all, who wants to buy expensive single use plastic bottles of water at the airport? Umm, not us! Luckily your MOBOT keeps you hydrated as you can hit up all those refill water stations on your journey. 

 So here are three simple and sustainable ways to release your Upper Back, Traps, and Neck with your MOBOT, and bonus, you don't have to get on the floor to do any of them!

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  1. Foam Rolling always works better when you are hydrated

  2. Make sure you are breathing throughout

  3. Go slow, allow your muscles to embrace the pressure and love you are showing them

  4. If you want more info on how to breath, pressure tolerance, etc. check out the How To MOBOT Guide



Upper Back

Watch the IG Reel

Step One: Find a wall that is flat and has a clean surface. You only need your body width of space.
Step Two: Place the MOBOT behind you, horizontally, in the middle of your shoulder blades. Pull your shoulders down and away from your ears and elongate through the top of your head.
Step Three: Bend your knees to start slowly rolling the MOBOT up and down your upper back.

Variation - you can lean to either the right or left and allow the edges of the MOBOT to press into the muscle along the edge of your shoulder blade. You can either hold this or you can use the bend in your knees to slowly roll up and down that small area.

*Pro Tip*

Add an upper back stretch after rolling out by clasping your hands together in front of you like you are holding a beach ball.
Next, press the back of your hands away from you, holding the round shape, and round your upper back, tuck your chin and feel the stretch across your upper back

Best Size To Release Your Upper Back

Any Size! All sizes of the MOBOT are a great option to roll out your back. The Big Bertha and Grace are longer to cover more of your back at once, while the Firecracker is great for digging into specific areas deeper.


Traps/ Shoulders

Watch the IG Reel

Step One: Find an open protruding corner where two walls meet or where a door way is.
Step Two: Place the MOBOT vertically on the corner
Step Three: Bend over at a 90º angle to place your trap/shoulder on the MOBOT.
Step Four: From here, press and hold (vs a roll since it is such a small area.) You might be able to get a slight rock in, but this move is more about allowing the pressure and breathing to do the work.

Variations - Slowly turn your head away from the shoulder you have placed the MOBOT on. Slowly bend your neck down to the side toward your opposite shoulder. Slowly move the arm that is on the same side as the MOBOT backwards or out to the side.

*Pro Tip*

Add a neck stretch after releasing your shoulders. Bend your neck to the side so your ear is reaching to your shoulder, and gently, no pulling, place your hand on your head for a little added weight to increase the stretch.

Best Size To Release Your Traps/ Shoulders

27oz Grace or 18oz Firecracker - Both of these sizes have a circumference that will fit well into most shoulder and trap curves and spaces.




Watch the IG Reel

Step One: Find a wall that is flat and has a clean surface. You only need your body width of space
Step Two: Place the MOBOT horizontally behind your neck
Step Three: Slowly start to turn your head left and right. To add pressure, move your feet away from the wall so your body is at a greater angle.

Variation - Turn your head to the left or right, once you are on either side, nod your head up and down isolating that side of your neck.

*Pro Tip*

Add a neck stretch after releasing your neck. Do this on both sides. Pull your shoulders down and away from your ears. Tilt your chin down and over to your shoulder. For a greater stretch, use the arm your chin is pointed at, and gently place it on top of your head, no pulling.

Best Size To Release Your Neck

27oz Grace - This size is wide enough so you can turn your head from side to side and is the perfect circumference (for most) to fit in the curve of your neck.
Happy Holidays! We hope you get to your destination safely.

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