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MOBOTXGivz Support for NAACP & #BlackLivesMatter

MOBOTXGivz Support for NAACP & #BlackLivesMatter

A Message From Our Founder. 


Dear MOBOT Community, 

At MOBOT, we condemn all racist violence and stand beside the protestors who are putting their lives and bodies on the line. I can never claim to understand the pain, frustration and anger the black community is feeling, but we are listening.

We will continue to educate ourselves and will strive to be a voice for equal rights, human rights and community building – one conversation at a time. We can all make time to support, listen andput a spotlight on injustice to bring about effective change#whateverittakes 

At we will be donating cashback on all purchases over $50 to support #blacklivesmatter charities for the rest of the year. It’s not our only step, but one we are making today with the aim to be better for our community. 

Not everyone has the funds to donate, and others may not be able to attend protests. But we can all make time to support and here is a list of articles, tips and resources that may help: 

-  Sign a petition 

-  Speak up

-  Make a call to a local representative

-  Have open conversations with people in your community

-  Be a positive #rollmodel and continue practicing self-care

-  Educate yourself with books, podcasts, and online resources here.

- BLM National Resources List

-BLM Australia



Lani Cooper, Founder & CEO, MOBOT Nation.


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