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MOBOT X AARMY At Art Basel Miami

MOBOT X AARMY At Art Basel Miami


Art Basel Miami Art Week, you brought the heat! The energy was poppin’, the workouts were kickin’, and the sweat was drippin’. For four days coaches Akin Akman and Dale Moss brought intense workouts to the Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel’s Athletic Greens x AARMY Wellness Escape pop up.

We were so grateful to be apart of this experience as fans and VIPs flew in from all over the world to sweat, be inspired, and recover well with Black Grace MOBOT's and train with their favorite coaches.


AARMY x Athletic Greens Wellness Escape


The wellness escape as a whole was more than just a place to elevate your heart rate and grab a juice; there was a much deeper mind-body connection. This energy radiated across MOBOT, Athletic Greens & AARMY lines and still echoes outside of the event as videos of Akin’s masterful way of using words continue to be uploaded for the world to see. Watch Akin Here.

At MOBOT we say this often, and we will say it again, recovery, hydration, and mindset are daily practices you are gifted with the opportunity to do. Foam rolling might hurt and it might feel like you’re spending time you don’t have. Focusing on water consumption might seem like a habit you can afford to push to the side. Taking time to breath and allow yourself to think, let go, and connect might feel insignificant.

BUT, in the words of Coach Akin,

“Win: what’s important now.  What are you going to work on today? What do you need to execute and accomplish today to get to the next point? Those are the little wins. When you focus on what’s important now, they become habits. It’s not just one great big win that makes you a winner, it’s your daily habits and your daily thoughts that make you a winner.”


Keep prioritizing self-care and your heath (mind, body and spirit) so you can go inspire and serve others as you conquer challenges, overcome obstacles, and go after your dreams.

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