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MOBOT Roll Model KC Lightfoot Leaps Into Team USA

MOBOT Roll Model KC Lightfoot Leaps Into Team USA

MOBOT Roll Model KC Lightfoot Leaps Into Team USA

KC Lightfoot, US Pole Vaulter and MOBOT Roll Model is one of the most promising talents in the country. Born in Missouri, 21-year-old KC made headlines earlier this year, when he set a new indoor collegiate (NCAA) record of 6.00 meters, becoming only the 6th US athlete to clear that height. KC will join Team USA’s athletics lineup in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

We got the chance to sit down with KC to chat about the upcoming Olympic Games; how he is getting prepared for the competition, what he does daily to keep his body in peak condition and he shared some golden recovery tips and tricks he has been using to make the most out of training sessions.

How does Hydration and Foam Rolling have a part in your daily life?
They are a huge part of my everyday life! I use my MOBOT everyday before practice. I also use it before meets to help prepare my body for the upcoming work. I use it throughout the day to keep my water intake at a good level to not get dehydrated. Being dehydrated and having tight muscles before any exercise always results in a higher chance of injury, so I try to stay as far away from that as possible!


How are you preparing to be in your best possible shape for the games?
I am just trying to work hard all the way up until the games by recovering daily and fueling my body with the correct food and substances.
Eating healthy and taking vitamins and minerals help me a ton.

How are you helping your body recover and handle the workload building up to the competition?
Recovery is maybe the most important aspect of being a professional athlete in any sport. Some ways that I recover daily are hydration, protein, collagen, normatecs, eating healthy and so much more. My MOBOT helps me recover by being able to hydrate and roll out soreness in my muscles!

Why do you think you have become so successful and made it to the Olympic Games?
I believe there are many reasons to why I have been successful, but one reason in particular is that I am very motivated. It takes a lot to be a professional athlete and not everything works out perfectly! After bad practices or meets I am very good at staying confident to get back on track for the next day.

What does this achievement mean to you?
It means the world to me because it has been a lifelong dream of mine. I’ve always wanted to compete for the USA at the highest level I can and finally being able to do that shows that hard work pays off over time.

How has the pandemic affected you and your preparation?
Honestly, it wasn’t that bad for me because I still had places to practice and lift weights whenever I wanted to. I believe the extra year gave me a chance to grow and mature which overall helped my chances to make the team.

What expectations do you have for the competition?
I would love to go compete for a medal! Anything could happen so I am just going to go out there and give it all I can and hope for a spot on the podium!

What will the Game Day look like?
Usually on competition days I eat a light breakfast and lunch. Depending on what time of day it is, it will lead to how many meals I eat. Other than that it is really just waiting around until it is finally time to go compete. Right before I leave I always shower and normatec while listening to a sport psychology audio to help me get focused.

Join us to support KC win the gold! Follow his Olympic Games journey on Instagram here

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