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MOBOT Ambassador Highlight: Rosanna Fung

MOBOT Ambassador Highlight: Rosanna Fung

Welcome one of our newest Roll Models, all the way from Guyana - Rosanna Fung! Not only is she the Ms Bikini Champion, but she sings and plays the guitar! We had a chance to sit down and ask this multi-talent a few questions that hopefully give you some insight on how to keep living a feel good, do good, lifestyle.


Rosanna in a peach fitness outfit


Q: What does Health & Wellness mean to you?

Rosanna: "I feel that understanding ones Health and Wellness needs and organizing your daily life so that you are not lacking in any of these areas are mandatory keys for success. The mind and the body go hand and in and thus both require adequate maintenance, you wouldn’t try to drive a car with no gas would you?"


 Rosanna with loved ones


Q: Where is your Happy-place?

Rosanna: My happy place isn’t a place at all it’s a peace of mind I feel when I’m surrounded by the people I love


Rosanna outside


Q: What do you think is the next Health or Fitness trend?

Rosanna: Mental workout sessions.


Rosanna in a peach fitness outfit


Q: What is your best self-care tip?

Rosanna: Your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day, make sure you warm up your mind for the day just as you would your body before a workout


Rosanna with blush firecracker MOBOT


Q: How does Hydration and Foam rolling have a part in your training/preparation/daily life?

Rosanna: Guyana sits right under the equator so it gets pretty warm here and considering the fact that I am currently in preparation for a show, it means I need to drink at least a gallon of water daily. I am also on 2 fourty-five minute sessions of cardio a day as well as 6 weight training sessions a week so to say that hydration and foam rolling are key factors of my health and fitness regime would be a gross understatement.


Rosanna in the gym 


Q: How has MOBOT helped your body to recover and handle your days?

Rosanna: Before I discovered MOBOT I was lugging around my foam roller as well as my gallon jug daily. I would try to foam roll any chance I got considering how intense my training sessions were so when I first saw the product I was instantly intrigued and though I had initial doubts as to its structural integrity I can safely say it has surpassed all of my expectations and well you found me here on the Roll Model info page so safe to say I’m extremely satisfied with my MOBOT.


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