The #RefillBristol Campaign will rid the UK of Plastic Bottles đŸ’Ș 🌎

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The #RefillBristol Campaign will rid the UK of Plastic Bottles đŸ’Ș 🌎

Is there any better way to start off the new year, other than with a successful campaign riding the world of Plastic waste? We don't think so!

In September 2015, the Refill Bristol Campaign was launched to reduce plastic water bottle waste by installing over 200 FREE water refill stations across the city. Now, the campaign has partnered with Water Bristol to provide the free refill stations Nationwide  

An app will launch later this year, making it easy to find refill stations. Costa Coffee and Premier Inn (owned by Whitebread), will be the first to provide water in all of its branches starting this March.

Huh, who would have thought, making it easier to refill your water bottle would reduce plastic use AND make you drink more water đŸ€”. Not to mention make you feel good, one of the staple reasons we designed the MOBOT. 💙



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