Bikini Competitor Shares Her Mental Hacks

Bikini Competitor Shares Her Mental Hacks

We see them all over TikTok and Instagram and wonder, “How do they do that? How do they keep their body in such great shape?” How do they get past the hurdles when they don’t “feel like going to the gym” or they do “feel like eating everything?"
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Really Fit People...

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We see them all over TikTok and Instagram and wonder, “How do they do that? How do they keep their body in such great shape?” And 9 times out of 10 the Really Fit People say “Consistency and Discipline.” But what about when they don’t “feel like going to the gym” or they do “feel like eating everything” how do they get over those hurdles?

We sat down with one of those "Really Fit People", our very own Roll Model, Rosanna, to hear how she takes on her day to day being a Bikini competitor.

MOBOT: Rosanna, you have already accomplished some of your goals in this field, and we know you have bigger ones to tackle, but what do you do when you wake up and you don’t feel strong?

Rosanna: “I do something I like - exercise, foam roll, take a walk - I don’t have high goals for myself, I just do something I like. I also recently started with breath-work. I use an app and do 10 minutes to prioritize ME time, even if I will be late. This resets my mind and reminds me that I’m in charge of my thoughts and my day.
For food, I normally don’t eat breakfast before I work out in the morning, but on rough days I eat whatever I feel like eating. I make sure I have wonderful fueling food and maybe listen to a podcast that inspires me.
These things make me reset my brain and shift the balance from, “body controlling the mind,” to “the mind controlling the body.”


MOBOT: Most people who are going for a goal, whether it’s in their career, in fitness, in self development, have a little phrase or saying that reminds them to keep going. What is your catchphrase?

Rosanna: “You are bigger than your circumstances.”



MOBOT: Being in a high achieving and very performance oriented world, have you ever faced anxiety?

Rosanna: “Yes, but I have decided that I can not let anxiety limit me or control me. I don’t know what it is about or where it’s coming from - I can have a great day and BOOM. It's easy to go into negative mental patterns and blame yourself - it is easy to think that you are anxious - But have to separate yourself from your anxiety.”



MOBOT: I love that, you need to: separate yourself from the anxiety. How have you been able to shake it off and be in control vs it being in control?

Rosanna: “When I’m in an anxious stage I’ve learned that if I hold my breath, my body will focus on what is more important, breathing vs the anxiousness, and this dissipates it much faster. So I take the mental moment to say “I am in control” I hold my breath and my body responds the way I want it to. But for everyone it will be different, so do your own research and see what you think can work for you and next time you will have the tools.”



MOBOT: Working towards big goals and dreams can, for some, feel overwhelming. How do you stay focused to keep working towards yours?

Rosanna: “ There are a few things:
1). I have a really strong support system surrounding me.
2). I have clear goals and I visualize them. I aim to remember what is important and make decisions before they even come up. (ex: If there is ice cream at this party, I already chose not to have any).
3). When challenging or tempting situations arise, I remind myself WHY I am doing what I am doing.
4). Along the lines of what we have been talking about, it’s always mind over matter or mind over muscles. Especially when I’m in the gym and I don’t “feel like” doing another rep or another exercise.”



MOBOT: What is your final encouragement to people who are going after greater, healthier things in their life?

Rosanna: “At the end of the day it is always your decision, you should never rely on anyone else to reach your goal/ make the decision. Feel good that you made your own decision and saying yes to something better!!”